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The Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management (MSCM) in Overseas Chinese University (OCU) was established in the year 2002. The main goal of the MSCM is to prepare students with educational opportunities and experiences that lead to leadership roles in the marketing and supply chain management industries as well as academics.
Department Highlights
l   Students are prepared for careers in marketing and supply chain management field.
l   Students are developed based on the core value of Business Management Service, Innovation, & Technology.
l   Students gain general knowledge of the business environment to meet industrial needs and national development.
The vision for demand and supply integration brings together faculty, students and executives from around the world, these relationships generate internship and job opportunities in the field of Retail & Distribution Service Industry. The specific objectives of the MSCM are to train, educate, and develop students qualified with 3E abilities (Expertise, Ethics, and Employability), and to provide courses of study, opportunities and experiences intended to assist students in the following ways:
l   Occupational management capability: Appropriate cognitions and attitudes toward Self-discipline.
l   Occupational expertise and proficiency: Theory and practical skills in Market and supply chain management field.
l   Occupational general knowledge: General knowledge and ability of using foreign language, integrated-technology learning, and social concern.
Strategies for MSCM Development
l   Pragmatic teaching and learning
l   Ethics education
l   Industry-academic cooperation
l   Global connection
l   Employment advancement
Future Vision
Based on the purpose of MSCM for cultivating “Practical and Innovative Employee in the Retail and Distribution Service Industry”, the future visions are:
l   Integrated instruction between industry and academic
l   Innovative teaching and learning.
l   Global connection
l   Employment advancement

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